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This is a unique gaming machine that was created in 2019. It was developed and released by Pragmatic Play. The genre of the game is simple enough, the user needs to collect fruit in the right combination. The slot quickly enough gained significant popularity and interested everyone who likes fun, simple and gambling applications. Due to these qualities, the machine can be found on almost all online casino sites around the world.

Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza attracts visitors with different rounds, giving them the chance to win a fruit set each spin. Payouts change rapidly, but they can be tracked either way. This game focuses on free spins of the reels. As you spin, you will receive sweet bombs and lollipops on a stick. In the app, you can extend the prize rounds, increasing your chances of winning. You will be in pleasant anticipation from the very beginning, wanting to continue playing. The bright colors of the slot are pleasing to the eye and won’t distract you from the main gameplay.

Sweet Bonanza slot review

Pragmatic play’s sweet bonanza slot has diverse bonuses, as there are even free spins with cascading winning mechanisms and huge multipliers. However, each round can last quite a long time, giving the visitor a chance to get a big multiplier. This is due to the availability of free space on the playing field, which will fill until it runs out of space. The machine has an anti-bet function. This gives you the opportunity not to wait for the bonus item to unfold, immediately activating the bonus, which will pay 100 times the bet amount.

The scatter in this game is a lollipop on a stick. This element creates a combination of four or more symbols. With four scatters you can get enough dividends by starting a special game with 10 free spins. All this will not be at your expense, so it is a great chance to multiply your winnings. If you roll 3 more scatters, you will have 5 more freespins in your account. During the game the candy bomb will give you a huge amount of generous rewards and gifts.

The multiplier is the candy bomb, which you can see during the freespins. It will increase your bet from 2 to 100 times. This demonstrates the increase in your bet during the payout. The prize feature will play a special role during the spin. In the event that a winning combination forms during the spin on the field, it will explode. The symbol will then disappear and be replaced by another. This will also give you the opportunity to earn extra credits towards your winnings. The explosions will not stop until the winning combination is formed and finished. All multipliers will add up and add up to determine the visitor’s balance.

Slot features

Provider Pragmatic Play
RTP 96.49%
Deposit bonus 100% up to 25,000 RUB
Free Spins 200
Volatility Upper than average
High Value Symbol Red Heart Stone
Min/Max Bet 0.20/125
Max. winnings 21.175x per spin
Theme Candy

Provider of the slot machine

Provider of the Sweet Bonanza slot game machine is Pragmatic Play, a leading company which has innovative, regulated and mobile-focused gaming products in its portfolio. The company strives to create the most exciting and memorable high-quality means of entertainment, among which you can see video slots, live casinos and bingo — all accessible through one API. Pragmatic Play’s game library contains over 100 tested HTML5 games of its own production, which support all major country currencies and 31 languages. They are available in all significant markets certified. Every month Pragmatic Play releases from 3 new video slots that delight gambling enthusiasts.

Sweet Bonanza slot gameplay

Sweet Bonanza slot gameplay

The Sweet Bonanza game machine features candy in different colors: purple, blue, red, green. All fruits of these colors are high paying symbols in the slot, and are paid according to the established rules of the rate. The minimum for a combination can get up to 150 coins per spin, and the maximum is around 5,000. In the Sweet Bonanza machine you can also find other fruits that can bring smaller winnings with a successful combination:

  • watermelons;
  • apples;
  • grape;
  • plums;
  • bananas.

With these fruits the minimum combination comes up to 25 coins and the maximum up to 1000. The number of icons you get depends on the number of symbols in one combination. The maximum win limit is specified for those who make big bets. To get a win when you spin the reel, you have to make a bet.

By paying attention to the color of the fruit, you can form groups with a significant payout and different value. The symbols come in red, purple, blue or green. For such combinations you can earn from 150 to 5,000 coins. The main symbols with small pay are apple, plum, banana, grape and watermelon. When making groups should be guided by the number of identical candies, there is a possibility of winning from 25 to 1000 coins.

Game Plot

Sweet Bonanza is a fantastic slot from the company Pragmatic Play games which takes the player into a world of candy and sweets. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to multiply your bets considerably. You will find a bright background cover and an interesting soundtrack that will not let you get bored for a minute. Graphics apparatus is excellent, and at the same time you will not experience lags and instantly load all the pictures. To run, you will only need a browser, you will not need to download anything. This is a nice exciting game with little variance, so you should pay attention to this machine. It’s great for beginners and experienced players alike.

Graphics and interface

The design of the machine uses gentle color schemes with purple, pink and blue colors. When you start the machine the player enters a fairy-tale land with a sea of sweets. The design is quite cartoonish. On the left side of the field with the game you can see the buttons to buy paid bonus options. At the bottom is a panel on which there are keys to start scrolling, adjusting the value of bets and settings. You can click on the and — buttons to quickly change the cost of scrolling. They are located to the left and right of the bet start button. There is an option for the bet to be displayed in coins or currency. To spin the reels there is a manual and automatic mode, but for this you need to activate the button «Autoplay», setting the desired parameters.

Players who were looking for a beautiful and interesting application with a small variance will be just happy. Bonanza will suit players of all levels. In the menu, you will find a button that is responsible for turning the sound on and off. With the key with three horizontal bars you can go to the settings.

  • View game history.
  • Add or decrease the current stake.
  • Accelerate the rotation.
  • Enable the battery saving function.
  • Turn music and sound effects on or off.
  • Set whether the splash screen is displayed before you start.

The slot interface is intuitive and allows all the necessary buttons to operate. The rules are also simple, you do not need to spend a lot of time studying them. If necessary, you can open them at any time you want. The machine works in any browser. The game is available both on computers and smartphones, because the appearance of the site adapts to the size of the device screen.

Winning lines

The slot machine has five lines for winning with six reels on them, which have pictures of fruits and sweets. Thanks to all the lines the initial bet can be increased up to 30 thousand times. To combine a winning combination should collect a row of 8 or more of the same pictures. Sweet Bonanza is ready to pay money to all users who join a landed cluster of 12 pictures or more.

Sweet Bonanza slot symbols

Main symbols in Sweet Bonanza

The final outcome is affected by the number of candies collected. As written above, the low-paying symbols are banana, apple, plum, watermelon, and grape. The combination of candy gives much more profit: blue can give up to 12 coins, green — up to 15, purple — up to 25, red — from 10 to 50. Scatter symbol is a caramel on a stick. Already 4-6 of these icons can return up to 100 coins, but what about a good multiplier? Also, do not forget about the candy in the form of a red heart. With its help you can increase the bet up to 40 times if you collect 12 of these symbols. All symbols differ from each other picture and animation, the probability of falling out and the accrued multipliers. Below you can see a brief description of some icons:

  • Fruits and berries. The five standard symbols (banana, grape, watermelon, plum and apple) are the most common. Total winnings from these fruits start from 30 to 2000 coins (with a maximum bet).
  • Candy. The four rarest symbols that can be found with candies of various colors (blue, green, purple as well as red). When they fall out, users can get up to 6,000 at the maximum multiplier.
  • Lollipop on a stick. This is the bonus Scatter symbol and can be used to earn big winnings on the slot and active freespins.

Sweet Bonanza the bets in play

The lowest bet on this machine is €0.20 and the maximum bet is €125 real cash. In the machine it is difficult for the visitor to control what happens, his main tool of manipulation is the value of the bet. The bigger it is, the higher the chance of getting a big payout. Beginners can play sweet bonanza free play experience in the demo mode without losing real money and regular players can win consistently when making good bets.

RTP and volatility of Sweet Bonanza online slot

The main indicator of Sweet Bonanza RTP, the characteristics of which is from 96.4% to 96.8% depending on the casino. The company itself Pragmatic Play claim 96.51%. The online gamblinghas a fairly high volatility slot, as well as a large variance (spread). This is at once both good and bad, as the user can hit the jackpot and go completely to the minus. If luck smiles on you — you can stay with a good amount. The minimum bet 0.20 euros, and the maximum — 125. If you increase the amount, the potential winnings will also increase in the same ratio. You can get a maximum multiplier of x21000.

Bonuses Sweet Bonanza slot machine

The player doesn’t even need to do anything to get bonus round on a Scatter symbol. Freespins will be activated on four scatters in a row. For the round to be activated in a row must go from 4 to 6 characters. A successful combination will give you the opportunity to increase your bet of 3 to 100 times. In addition, you can get a bonus of up to 10 freespins in different casinos. Among the main bonuses of Sweet Bonanza’s you can find:

  • Sweet Bombs. Can increase your winnings up to a multiplier of x100. If multiple sweet bombs are dropped at once, their values will add up. For example, a x25 bomb and a x50 bomb will add x75 to the bet itself if won. Payout will be possible only in the money game, in the demo version sweet bonanza free this possibility is not.
  • Paid freespins. The user can buy a certain amount of free spins on their own by clicking on «Buy».
  • Retriggers. It is possible to get win and any number of free spins, because a combination of only three scatters will give 5 freespins.

Free Spins feature

Virtually main game to play from Pragmatic Play have one feature. The user can buy his own sweet bonanza free spins. The same you can do free in demo mode. So you can make sure that it suits you before playing for real money. Game also, free spins will give a lollipop on sweet and sticky, which is a bonus Scatter-symbol. It will give the biggest winnings that are only available on the machine and will also activate free spins round.


The maximum possible X from a ante bet is x21000. The most common combinations will produce the following multiplier symbol:

  • green diamond — x15;
  • red heart — x50;
  • blue oval — x12;
  • purple candy — x25;
  • banana — x2;
  • grape — x4;
  • plum — x8;
  • watermelon — x5;
  • apple — x1.

Purchase Rewards

In order to purchase the bonus rewards in Sweet Bonanza is an online, you must enter the machine and click on the «Purchase» button. You will see the amount you need to spend to do this. After purchasing, you will get about 10 freespins and increase your chances of winning. Sweet Bonanzaslot has a game mode where you can buy 100 spins for x100 of your current bet. In addition, you can get them on a roll of four scatter symbols. Freespin bonuses only ten, and they fall out during the game. There is no symbol control, you just need to relax and watch how your screen combinations fall and hope you are lucky.

Bomb Sweet Bonanza

In Sweet Bonanza Slot the Pragmatic Play developers were able to add the following beneficial features:

  • Lollipops now fall even more often, giving additional rewards and increasing your freespins.
  • On the field you can see bombs that can multiply from x2 to x100, they will increase your bet by that amount.
  • Sweet bombs can be multiple at once, and they have the ability to fall in place of winning symbols.

Bombs are the key point that affects how profitable you play the machine. Without them, other bonuses would be pointless to wager due to the fact that wagering would be impossible due to the high cost. When you raise the bet, it is possible to activate the double chance mode. This will keep you from buying freespins, because then in this format lollipops fall more often.

How to start playing Sweet Bonanza slot online

How to start playing Sweet Bonanza

To start play the Sweet Bonanza you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the website of the club to play the game you have chosen, among the available ones are 1Win/PinUp/Wavada and others.
  2. Further you need to register. Enter your personal information and confirm your number or email. Next, proceed to deposit, the amount of spins and chance of winning depends on its value.
  3. Now go to Live Games and search by typing Sweet Bonanza.
  4. Go on to place a bet by entering its amount and enjoy play slot.

To withdraw, you will need to verify your account. Once verified send a withdrawal request, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm your request.

Sweet Bonanza — Online Gaming

Sweet Bonanza is available from almost every online casino games. Visitors can use their PCs, electronic devices and all devices that support internet access. It is possible to play both from a browser and by installing the institution’s mobile application on your smartphone. It is also possible to switch to the mobile version of the browser, with all features retained and the size of the icons adjusted to the phone screen.

Game the slot on a smartphone

The Chocolate Factory gives you the opportunity to earn not only when using a computer, laptop or tablet. The company of developers decided to make the game machine available for all devices. If your smartphone meets the minimum requirements, you can also use it to run the slot. Pragmatic Play optimizes its products to run swiftly on any device, year after year replenishing the customer base and gaining loyalty from new players. The world of sweets is available for visitors with Android devices, as well as with the iPhone or iPad. You will not experience any slowdowns or other bugs while playing.

Computer to play online

If you have unstable internet and cannot use the browser version of the game or if you wish to practice, you can run Sweet Bonanza on your PC. With the LDPlayer Emulator you can practice and get a lot of experience. Not only will you be able to play with high quality graphics, but you will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Multi Window Mode, where your PC becomes a number of virtual Android devices. This gives you the ability to run multiple machines from your PC at the same time.
  • With synchronization, you can perform actions in game accounts at the same time. For example, it will give you a faster call for characters to find your favorites.
  • The emulator will let you customize your control buttons to make you more comfortable.Professional control settings help you play complex games on your PC without too much trouble.

Best casinos to play Sweet Bonanza slot machine

Because Sweet Bonanza is an online slot institution, but only one machine, it is represented in various gambling clubs. In that case, you need to find the official app and download it to your phone or go to the casino site with a browser. Choose a good platform with a high reputation and a lot of feedback from active users. This will give you the confidence that you will get the winnings, and the characteristics of the device correspond to the real figures. Register yourself a new account, find theslot you want and top up your balance. Enter the machine and make your bet and play the sweet bonanza slot for real money!

Sweet Bonanza Demo Slot play for free

This title is compatible with mobile devices. Players can try it on a wide variety of gadgets. Designers have optimized it and players can enjoy smooth free to play pragmatic game studio on Android, iPhone and other iOS devices. Play sweet bonanza for free gaming and real-money mode are available for mobile users. This game uses HTML5 technology; users have access without downloading. The Pragmatic Play Free Sweet Bonanza slot is a new take on regular slots. This amazing game has beautiful and vivid visuals with excellent sound. Sweet Bonanza is a free game and a great way to spend your time. All you need to play is a web browser. It gives new gaming opportunities to an already impressive casino game library. Sweet Bonanza pragmatic play slot demo is designed to make you feel like a kid in a candy store. See symbols on the bottom shelf and four exciting symbols at the top of the display cases. The falling volatility and a possible multiple of 21,175x your bet makes this an exciting journey for you to embark on!

Pros and Cons of Sweet Bonanza real money slots

Pros and Cons of Sweet Bonanza

The simple classic Sweet Bonanza slot machine by pragmatic play is suitable for both professional players and novice gamblers. The bright candies and fruits in the design of the slot will let you enjoy the graphics and pleasant music. Pretty high returns and medium volatility makes the slot quite popular. Players can appreciate significant winnings, a large number of freespins and valuable combinations.

As the bet increases, the chance of a large payout will increase. For beginners, a demo scrolling mode is available, where they will not be able to lose real amounts. Sweet Bonanza will take you to the colorful world of sweet factory, distracting from the gray of everyday life and giving the joy of a good time. Like all other gaming slots, Sweet Bonanza classic slot has its pros and cons. The advantages include:

  • availability of free spins;
  • large winnings;
  • high payout;
  • maximum freespins rates with figures up to x100;
  • sweet bonanza demo for anyone who wants to understand the slot without risking it;
  • cumulating winning combinations;
  • winning potential up to x21 000.
  • easy to play
  • bonus game

The only disadvantage of Chocolate Factory is that there is no risk game and no main jackpot, but these are just minor drawbacks to the large number of pros.


Does Sweet bonanza slot machine have jackpots?
There is no jackpot as such, but the potential winnings can be up to x21000 of the bet. It will surely cover all your expenses.
Does the game have an official website?
There is no official website, you can only go to the portal of the manufacturer Pragmatic Play and get acquainted with all the characteristics of the machine. But it can be found in all popular casinos, the main thing is to check the license on the site.
When the game was released by Pragmatic Play?
The slot machine was created in mid-2019 and almost immediately hit the tops of famous online casinos, which trust proven providers and always listen to the opinion of their customers.
In what casinos is this slot presented?
Especially for you, we decided to prepare a list of proven casinos, in which in addition to the benefits of the machine you can get a large number of rewards that will help you play at the initial stage. These are 1Win, PinUp, Wawada, Up X, Izzi casino and Dragon Money.
Is it possible to play Sweet Bonanza for free?
Of course, everyone who wants to check out Sweet Bonanza without registration and without deposit can use the demo version. It is available on the official website of the game developer Pragmatic Play, as well as in almost all online casinos where this slot is available.
What is the RTP in Sweet Bonanza?
The minimum payout percentage to the player is 91.15% and the maximum is 96.48%. Details can be found on the website.
What is the minimum bet in Sweet Bonanza?
The minimum bet can be 0.25 euros or a similar amount in another currency.
How much can I win at Sweet Bonanza?
If the maximum bet is €125 and the highest multiplier is x21000 then if we multiply this by the other we get €4,515,000.
How do I download Sweet Bonanza to my phone?
To do this you need to download the casino app, the services of which you trust. Already after that you can start betting regardless of your device, whether it is Android or iOS, Windows or MacOS. The main thing is to have a working browser and Internet.
How to withdraw money in Sweet Bonanza?
To do this you need to accumulate a minimum amount for withdrawal, it may vary from institution to institution. Often, having accumulated, you need to apply for withdrawal, wait for its confirmation and get the funds into your account. The information is provided for Russian users.