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Sweet bonanza how to play and win

To start and dive into Sweet Bonanza you need to make a few simple steps. To begin with it is recommended to register at an online casino, the range of games which is this machine. Then go to the page of the game and activate it. In the window that opens, select the size of the bet before starting the round. Often the minimum bet is 25 coins. To earn money you will need to spin the reels, creating winning combinations of icons. On your screen you will simultaneously see up to 65 cells with pictures of sweets and fruits, and to get the money, in this area must be next to four identical cells. The reels will be spinning thanks to the Cluster Pays mechanics, due to which the application does not use win lines. This gives great variability, making lucrative combinations and increasing the chances of earning, because identical pictures will play in any area of the field to play. At the end of the round, the reels can delight the cells with additional features:

  • Prize Drop. This is a bonus element that, when activated on subsequent spins, will give the chance to roll special cells that will bring additional funds, the maximum multiplier of which reaches up to x21000 of the bet.
  • Wild elements replace other icons and help play and compose combinations to win.
  • Scatter. They give the user an additional reward or trigger freespins. To activate them, it is necessary that at the end of the round on the table were at least three elements.
  • Free Spins. If they fall out, they start free spins, in the course of which the visitor will receive additional compensation at no risk.

Sweet Bonanza how to play

Sweet Bonanza game process

The Sweet Bonanza slot in casino has candies with different colors: purple, blue, red, green. Each icon of this color pays quite high, you can see more details in the current rules of the rate. Minimum such combination will give 150 coins per spin, and maximum - about 5000. The machine will also give other sweets, which bring a little less with luck if you play more often:

  • watermelons;
  • apples;
  • grape;
  • plums;
  • bananas.

These fruits can bring a bonus of 25 coins if unlucky, up to 1000, if all matched. The number of coins you get depends on how many symbols are in a single combination. Maximum winnings limits increase when you make a higher bet. To get the winnings for free when spinning the wheel, you need to make a move of 1win. To play sweet has a way to download it. If there are any questions, you can choose a chat with technical support in the menu, which you can use from your computer.

If you pay attention to the color of the icons, you can make groups with different payouts and cost of the fallout. A piece can be red, purple, blue or green. Such a combination will bring you winnings from 150 to 5,000 coins. The main low-paying casino elements are apple, plum, banana, grape and watermelon. Making up these groups, start with how many of the same candies you have. To start the game you need to decide on the size of the bet, then you need to start spinning the drum and wait for the end of the scrolling. No casino game bonus is awarded when playing the demo.

Sweet Bonanza slot basic rules

Sweet Bonanza basic rules

The machine has 9 standard icons, which are fruits and sweets.

The higher paying images are colorful candies. The cheaper ones are fruits: apple, plum, watermelon, grape, banana. No matter where on the screen you have an image - it will be paid. Prizes will be awarded when 8 or more of the same picture appears. The more icons appear, the greater the total result will be. It is also worth using a promo code play on the casino website.

The machine has its own scatter, which is presented as a lollipop on a stick. It can be found on each reel. If four or more fragments fall out, the visitor will get free spins. If you find three more scatters in this round, you will get five more attempts. Vild in the machine is absent, but there is a multiplier icon, which looks like a bombshell. It can only be seen on the screen while freespins are running, and each occurrence will be saved and added up to the final. The bomb multiplier can be a random value between x2 and x100.

The developer decided to apply the "avalanche" feature. As a result of each spin the prize combos will be paid, and the elements that formed them will disappear. The pictures that were above them will fall down, and the empty positions will be filled with new icons. This will continue until the forming combinations are over. You can always activate the payout table to view and familiarize yourself. All values will be displayed in the currency of your choice, taking into account how much it costs to scroll.

Character and Payout Table

Symbols 8-9 10-11 12
Banana 25 75 200
Vinograd 40 90 400
Amelon 50 100 500
Plum 80 120 800
Apple 100 150 1000
Blue candy 150 200 1200
Green candy 200 500 1500
Purple candy 250 500 2500
Red candy 300 1000 5000
Caramel on a Stick (Scatter) 1000 2500 10,000

Modes of play in Sweet Bonanza

In the game of Pragmatic Play in addition to the usual "register - run the popular machine - wait for the result" mode the developers decided to add other features. They do not change the gameplay, but make it more comfortable and enjoyable. You can read more about Sweet Bonanza's game modes below.


In automatic mode, the gambler can lean back and relax while the machine spins by itself. To enter this mode and activate it, check the "autoplay" checkbox and indicate the number of spins you need, which should take place without your participation. Then all you have to do is watch how the machine will spin and win money for your casino deposit without your participation.

Ante Bet

The developers decided to add an Ante Bet feature to Sweet Bonanza. In this regard, the customer can make additional years that increase the main bet as well as form free spins to make good money. Ante Bet works in the range of $0.20 to $6 time and number. You can even play using mobile devices.

Function Tumble

If a winning bonus combo falls on the screen, all of the participants' icons disappear and the pictures from above are poured in their place. If this manipulation results in a winning combination again, this will be repeated until the areas with the same pictures disappear. This feature is called Tumble. If you're lucky enough, you can get a solid return on just one spin. You can even see reviews on the site. The first time payout is sure to be top notch, you don't have to worry about that.

Sweet Bonanza slot strategy and tactics

Sweet Bonanza start strategy and tactics

When it comes to playing Sweet Bonanza Casino and big wins, the tactics are the key factor. In the exciting online machine, you can make a variety of bets, from 0.2 euros to 125. There is also an option to activate the extended play bets feature, which increases the initial scroll by 25 euros. In addition, it has other bonus features such as freespins, X's and the ability to replace.

There is an opportunity to make good money from Pragmatic Play when setting the value of lines and coins. Rewards gambling machines will give you multipliers that can be applied to a single line. This does not apply to earnings that are based on total bets. This means that as each line increases in value, so does the theoretical payout. Coin slots work differently - in them, betas and winnings depend on the value of each coin. If that number increases, the payout becomes greater. To increase your winning probability, playing slots with paylines is worth choosing more lines with a lower bet than one line with a high bet. The more lines involved, the greater the chance will be. When it comes to coins, scrolling will be bigger than usual, which will reveal bigger and better prizes. Do not worry, get out of your comfort zone for a quick increase in rewards.

Before spinning the reel, it is imperative to read and familiarize yourself with the rules of the particular machine. You should go to the "information" section of the selected machine to get an idea of how it works to play. This also includes the necessary game bets for the possibility of obtaining the progressive jackpot or bonus rounds. You will be able to achieve significant wins, depending on compliance with these details. The player must increase his chances for him to fall out of 4 lollipops, as they can be guaranteed to earn freespins and sweet bombs, as well as to get multipliers.

  • Before you make a real deposit, you should test your strategy on a demo.
  • You must be able to stop in time, not to win back, and not to get greedy if you have a "white zone" by betting big or betting your whole balance.
  • Maximize your chances for multipliers: Use double chances or buy freespin.
  • Do bets with different amounts, so that there are chances for both a minimum loss and a good payoff.

It is quite important to check the volatility of all slot games and its play RTP. However, when making bets at a new casino this can be quickly found on Google. Volatility is essentially the number of successful spins, and machines with a low figure are able to give payouts more often but less, and slots with a higher characteristic are more rare to win, but much more. In addition, there are variants with medium-low and medium-high. Return to Player (RTP), also known as payout par or theoretical payout percentage in some countries, shows what percentage of each spin on average will stay in the game and what percentage will be returned to the player as a bonus. For example, every $96 given out of $100 that is staked results in an RTP of 96%

How to win a big jackpot

A successful gaming tactic in Sweet Bonanza on the site should be developed by taking into account the parameters of the machine. A high RTP of 96.5% and a high volatility parameter can say that every $100 spent on a bet will return 96.5 back in revenue. High volatility gives the case that a lot of rounds one after another can be losing, but then the player will start playing and is guaranteed to take a big reward on the deposit. That is why it is best to play in protracted, making a large number of spins. This gives artificially stretch the balance of the profile to be able to wait for a winning outcome with valuable combinations. Also, do not forget to use free spins and other bonus rewards when possible. All of the profitable ones give you a multiplication of the bet by a certain amount. Below you can read about the main symbols of the machine and their value:

  • bananas - from x5 to x40;
  • blue grapes - from x8 to x80;
  • watermelons - from x10 to x100;
  • plums - from x16 to x160;
  • apples - from x20 to x200;
  • caramel blue - from x30 to x240;
  • caramel green - from x40 to x300;
  • candy - from x50 to x500;
  • hearts - from x200 to x1000.

Help tips and advice for playing Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza tips and advice

Without any cheats, the authors have made their best efforts to allow Sweet Bonanza to be won entirely fairly.

  • When considering the high variance of the game, try to place higher stakes in order to increase your winnings;
  • free spins are important and should be activated;
  • If you manage to activate the Prize Drop, try to earn as much as possible.
  • try to find the most expensive fruit combos

According to these tips, you can increase your deposit percentage significantly.


Sweet Bonanza is a fantastic new development by Pragmatic Play that will take you to a new world of fruits and sweets. If your luck doesn't fail you, you will increase your betting amount considerably. Bright and beautiful animation Sweet Bananza and interesting music will not let you get bored for a second. The device has great graphics, while it does not lag and instantly loads any action. To start you only need an Internet connection and a working browser - do not download anything. Beautiful slot provider with a small variance is very popular with many gamblers who like to play here. Suitable for both users with huge experience and only registered beginners.