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Sweet bonanza slot reviews

Sweet Bonanza slot machine is a modern take on the chocolate factory from the developer Pragmatic Play. With each rotation of the field for the game will fall sweet treats and fruit. The machine has a valuable scatter represented as a lollipop on a stick, sweet bombs and random multipliers that will appear among other symbols during the activation of freespins. Your goal is to collect a winning combination of the same icons (8 or more), use the random multipliers to your advantage, and keep track of the scatter. Before you deposit, you should study real reviews from real visitors.

Sweet Bonanza slot reviews


Elena, 29 years old / 02.11.2022 / star icon5
The bonuses from the developers of Pragmatic gaming give you free freespins to buy. The coolest sweets give you a bunch of free spins to add to the site, this is the main one. The casino's range of games is great and the bets are wow. The gaming site looks nice, registration is simple. High line payout.
Zhenya, 27 years old. / 05.03.2023 / star icon5
I have been working for a long time and I saw an advertisement for this slot and decided to try it, thanks to a little extra money) I wanted to test and take myself for a while and suddenly I started earning and it is so good that it is just like that. Now I'm thinking, do I need this job, if I don't do zaparov for the same amount of time, I make 3-4 times more money per day. This is a great slot, no questions asked.
Lesha, 31. / 06.12.2022 / star icon5
For some reason my acquaintances think that I do almost nothing to earn and the computer makes money for me on Sweet Bonanza. This is nonsense, let's not talk about them. I don't know why I am so nervous when I play Sweet Bonanza but the computer keeps winning money all the time. I have been playing for a long time and I chose Izzi Casino because it is my favorite casino. If you put it this way, this machine is already my main source of income.
Dmitry, 41 years old. / 08.01.2023 / star icon5
I personally use the machines to forget about all the problems and distract myself from work in the evenings. At first I constantly went into small losses, and then my balance in Sweet Bonanza began to grow little by little. I decided to bet more, and lost everything at once)). I took a vacation from the gambling world of gambling, and returned to the slot after a year. In this month I was able to withdraw about 80k, taking into account the fact that I play very little slots.
Vlad, 40 years old. / 09.02.2023 / star icon5
At first I played in 1win for a long time, then I moved to Vavada and there I saw Sweet Bonanza slot in the live games section. Started to play a little, I just really liked it. I started to play for a while and I liked it very much. Great graphics, cool animation and you can come whenever you want. In a few hours you can win a lot of money. Now I'm a fan of the slot, that's no secret)) Freespins are better to spend immediately upon receipt.
Mikhail, 36 years old. / 10.11.2022 / star icon5
Casino games are cool, well, Sweet Bonanza is just no comment, all the bonuses apply to it! Registration is simple, the payoff is good, and paylines are more than adequate. There are bonus symbols and new features. The rules are simple, it is possible to win large bonuses. Popular online slot machines are designed for Russian users. Casino machine has information on all its features.
Nikifor, 24 years old. / 11.02.2023 / star icon5
I never thought that the reviews of my acquaintances would encourage me to start, because I used to think that it was all ***balls. Now I'm spinning the Sweet Bonanza drum every day after work, as it makes just as much money)) I just sit and do not really work hard in the evenings and earn money. I withdraw regularly once in a couple of months, everything is great. Especially the bonuses at the gaming site.
Catherine, 24 years old. / 13.01.2023 / star icon5
I was always skeptical of all gambling and considered it a relic of the past. But when I was a guest of an acquaintance, he let me spin the reel a couple of times in some casino with bonuses. And you know, I was like blew my mind, became interested in all this)). I studied strategies, watched video reviews and flipped through reviews to be smarter. I finally registered and made my first withdrawals. I am still lucky, I have to say a special respect to the technical support, they solve all the questions in the game immediately.
Alice, 24 years old. / 13.12.2022 / star icon5
For a long time I was losing money just trying to make money in different slots to play, but somehow it did not work. And then my friend advised this candy machine, which is called Sweet Bonanza. I tried it with small bets and it started to work very hard. Started to slowly increase the amount of bets more and more, and now my balance is a good plus. I think that while I will make a little break, and will continue after the withdrawal, as all spent on myself))
Dmitry, 28 years old. / 15.03.2023 / star icon5
My acquaintances have long used the services of Wawada Casino, in which they stumbled upon this slot machine Sweet Bonanza. For a long time I wanted to try it, but for some reason I always thought that it was just a scam. In the end it all decided, and although I started with small bets, pretty quickly got involved and began to increase. I have been withdrawing money without any problems for a couple of years now, so I recommend getting the bonus.
Ivan, 25 years old. / 16.11.2022 / star icon5
Sweat Bananza I just hit right away, unlike the game, regardless of the fact that I did not wind up for a long time. And imagine, as soon as I decided to put the rest of the dep - I immediately won)) Lucky so lucky with the bonuses, but as a fact, here is 50/50. May not come in, and then you lose the entire amount. Probably will continue to play for now, let's see how will come.
Innocent, 26 years old. / 17.11.2022 / star icon5
It turns out that not only men are fond of gambling machines)). As my wife saw how much I get here, too, wanted to try these casino bonuses. I tried to dissuade her, as a little doubted her gembler abilities, but as it turned out - very wrong), She for the first month was able to withdraw nearly 200k rubles. Just a shock, I probably went to this for a few months! But in general, it adds to the family budget, so I'm just glad)
Danil, 35 years old. / 20.02.2023 / star icon5
I am writing honestly. I put 10 thousand rubles in the game Sweet Bonanza, lost most of it right away, I bet too much. When I started betting on smaller amounts, I managed to earn about 12k in a few days. I am not so sure about the outcome of my betting but I am sure I have a good time here. The games here are great.
Mikhail, 42 years old. / 20.12.2022 / star icon5
I studied slot machines long ago, started to earn on them when I was a teenager for small things. I liked the feeling of excitement and the atmosphere of the casino site, and the winnings are purely for expenses. When I was older I began to treat it differently, but the experience has remained. So now I try to make money on it, and it even seems to work out well. Be careful, at some portals before withdrawal you have to verify your profile. The technical support will always help and advise you what to change with bonuses.
Sergey, 33 years old. / 22.01.2023 / star icon5
At first I started playing because there was an interesting machine Sweet Bonanza, which I was advised by my good friend, who hit the jackpot here. Luck me smiled medium, it happened that in minus good went, but even at 120-130k won. The main conclusions I made - if you are not lucky, you do not need to constantly increase the bet. Take a break from bonanza, and when the head clears, then fly in with free deposit to use on free bets...
Alexander, 27 years old. / 24.11.2022 / star icon5
I never would have believed that I would be a millionaire in six months thanks to some Sweet Bonanza slot on the Internet. For a long time I tried and created individual tactics, which nevertheless brings good dough. Relatives long resisted my choice, but when they saw the dough I began to bring - abruptly changed their minds)) Now I can provide for my parents and a woman not only everything they need, but also fulfill all their whims.
Anastasia, 31 years old. / 26.02.2023 / star icon5
I always wanted to feel what a real casino is. But there was no time for it, not much time, and there was no extra money. I started with slots, stuck to the tactics of minimum risk and did small bets. My first deposits were failures, could not stop in time. Then I took a break and played some demo games and watched some stronger players, after that I learned how to restrain myself. Now I earn steadily, and very happy with the machine and casino bonuses.
Eugene, 33 years old. / 28.12.2022 / star icon5
At first I was as skeptical as possible, although I liked the Sweet Bonanza machine externally. I used to win, then I used to lose, day by day I got different results, you know, there was no stability or something. All the same, the game attracts, as well as bonuses, so I studied tactics, watched all sorts of training videos, and it seemed to work. If you have time, it is worth thinking about this kind of earnings with bonuses, keep it in mind!
Maxim, 39 years old. / 29.11.2022 / star icon5
I am very satisfied with this slot, it is sad that there is no jackpot and risk game, but it is so if you look for some minor disadvantages. Winnings at that are healthy, big bonuses and assortment of payment methods for withdrawal of winnings. The transfer to the card will be done in just a few hours, which is pretty fast considering all sorts of bank and verification time. I advise you to try it too, maybe you'll get lucky too.