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Sweet bonanza candyland

Sweet Bonanza Candyland game show from Pragmatic play. This slot has long been an iconic product among live casino game. This franchise has a large number of games that are based on candy. Here the developers decided to outdo themselves by deciding to update the classic slot by adding a money wheel with a real croupier who runs it in real time. In addition to the standard prizes, you can participate in bonus games that will help increase your total winnings.

Sweet Bonanza candyland

Sweet Bonanza candyland slot features

To understand the possibilities of winning in Sweet Bonanza candyland with bets, you should not forget about what the machine has rules and features. All players have a fixed betting time of about 18 minutes, and during this period, you have to have time to choose the bet amount and choose the sector on which to place it. Main features:

  • Bets can be placed on two bonus games or multipliers 1, 2, 5, 10.
  • Betting is available for one or more multipliers or all at once.
  • Maximum bet is $3,000, minimum is $0.2.

With the range difference, the machine is great for both newcomers to gambling and regular casino players who often do all-in. In this show you can not control all-in, or choose averages, relying on analytics. Count only on yourself while watching the game and the number of big bets.

Sweet Bonanza candyland review live game

While the newlive casino game format is extremely unusual for Sweet Bonanza, the developer Pragmatic Play’s managed to maintain the original atmosphere by combining excellent graphics and mathematical calculation. The process of live game takes place in a special studio with candy in the background, all painted in bright colors. Adaptive animation, dynamic lighting and pleasant soundtrack help the player to immerse himself into the process almost immediately.

The design is dynamic, and it can change from changing settings or game mode. You can play live casino whenever you want, no matter the time of day or place. The presenters will entertain you live, so you won’t get bored with us. In the center of the studio there is a playing wheel with a total of 54 segments. Most of them are multipliers 1, 2, 5, 10, and there are also two bonus amusements «Candy Drop bonus» and «Sugar Bomb bonus» as well as a «Sweet Spins» symbol.

The player must choose which place the arrow will point when the wheel stops, made there an available bet. If everything is done correctly, the winnings will be paid. The payout percentage to the player ranges from 91.15% to 96.48%, it depends on the number of bets for a certain sector. The user can make bets on several results at once. The minimum bet is 20 cents and the maximum is 3000 euros. 18 seconds are given for bet correction between rounds, then the wheel will be triggered. Sectors with numbers located on them have different coefficients. Bonus segments trigger new entertainment.

Characteristics online slot Sweet Bonanza candyland

After you press play, a huge wheel with 54 cells will be launched by a professional host. Sweet Bonanza candyland’s players bet on different pictures. Among them you can see bonus bets and fruit multipliers:

  • Yellow banana x1 — 23 sectors.
  • Purple grape x2 — 15 cells.
  • Plum x5 — 7 segments.
  • Red apple x10 — 4 sectors.
  • Bonus Images : Candy Drop and sweet spins — 1 figure per field, Sugar Bomb multipliers — 2 cells per spin,

If a fruit multiplier comes up, the money will be multiplied by its value. If you bet $200 on an apple, you get ten free spin times your winnings. Betting on the maximum segment is risky because the number of spins directly affects the chance of them falling out.

Dealer Live Games

Live game show Candyland is a live dealer different from standard casinos because the entire game is based on an interaction between a real dealer and the audience. The game is played live from a specially equipped will live studio. This will help you feel the atmosphere of a real casino, have a good time and maximum win money. First you will need to bet on random values, then the wheel will spin the dealer. Victory will go to the player who can guess the correct value. As a result, the bet will be multiplied by the resulting multiplier.

Slot gameplay Sweet Bonanza candyland

Sweet Bonanza candyland demo

To take part in the Sweet Bonanza candyland slot game, keep in mind these gameplay features:

  • There are only 54 sectors on the reel wheel live, which can be divided into 6 varied groups.
  • Participants in the establishment should place a bet on different indicators, either one or more or all.
  • Between spinning the wheel you have only 18 seconds to think where and how much to bet.
  • The main values include 4 multipliers 2x to 10x and 2 bonuses.
  • Multipliers fall out much more often than bonuses.
  • There are stats on the left side that show past rounds.

Game Plot

The Pragmatic Play live company decided to create a great version of the standard Sweet Bonanza game that combines mathematical algorithms with modern graphics. Start scrolling and you’ll be immersed in a landscape with lots of candy. dynamic lighting, stunning soundtrack and stylistic animations that will adjust to your gameplay. On top of that, Sweet Bonanza Candy World can be run 24/7 as it is streamedlive by fun-loving hosts!

Graphics and Animations

This is not standard entertainment, it is a real show, like a real Wheel of Fortune. Game Sweet Bonanza candyland is a live casino version in the world, which are in all the top ones. Graphics are at a high level, using elements of augmented reality, which can be seen directly on the live broadcast from a special studio, where the presenter will run the slot machine at each scrolling. The animation adjusts to your gameplay and can be adjusted in the menu settings. To play, you have to concentrate and calculate your next moves. The developers are honest with their players and the random number generator is impossible to calculate.

Win lines

Win lines are not available here because this is not a classic machine, but a machine from the live games section. In this regard, the victory will be counted only when the drum stops on the sector which the player has chosen. The cluster icons do not disappear during free spins, and the symbols that were above them fall in their place.

Main symbols in Sweet Bonanza candyland

The bright and interesting Sweet Bonanza Candyland wheel is divided into 54 sectors, on its sectors you will see different multipliers and additional rewards. Their value and number vary, and a full description of all values is given below:

Identifier Number of sectors Payout
x1 23 1 to 1
x2 15 2 to 1
x5 7 5 to 1
x10 4 10 to 1
Candy Drop 2 x5000
Sugar Bomb 2 x10000
Sweet Spins 1 x20000

By extension, this onlineslot participants have a chance of hitting any of the above bonuses. In practice, it will be about once every 5-6 spins of the wheel. The croupier will spin the reel in different directions, so the chance is not predetermined.

Sweet Bonanza candyland demo

Unfortunately, in the classic presentation this machine has no way to run a demo version, but the visitor can watch what happens for free in spectator mode. You got that right, you won’t need to do a beta to watch the game. Just log into the online casino where you play, select Sweet Bonanza Candyland from the list of games, and go into spectator mode! This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the game before you bet for real money.

The demo mode will help everyone understand what the game gameplay is all about. The demo version of Sweet Bonanza candyland FROM PRAGMATIC PLAY gives you the opportunity to play without the bankroll. Even now you can see how the drum rotates without much accumulation. This is an option for beginners who have just begun to explore the world of the game, not knowing all the features and rules. Correct this by running Demo Crazy Time! The machine has a built-in section with information that is available by clicking on the button with a question mark. The rules, potential payout percentage, RTP, details on bonuses and rewards, and other features will open in front of you. There will also be instructions for making the first bets and a description of the quick buttons in the machine. Do not forget that you can not guarantee a profit with the gambling application, so you need to prepare for the game without fear of losing your bankroll.

Sweet Bonanza candyland stats

Sweet Bonanza candyland stats

You will need to go to special sites to track live stats on Sweet Bonanza Candyland. In addition to this machine, there you can find other slots from famous developers, which work on the same principle. This platform is suitable for comparing and analyzing all the necessary data for a smart game. With this data, it is possible to create a strategy that suits your style and bankroll specifically.

Statistics is an invaluable aid for any user. This resource can help you win more often by improving your current tactics. For up-to-date information and to save your personal results, it’s worth going to the tracker portal. The slot history will gameshow you all the data you need to analyze. Don’t forget, there are many scam sites on the internet that will try to trick you into getting personal information or even funds on your card. Check every site you visit carefully, it’s important!

You can also see your stats in the slot itself, click the button with the «i» written on it to open it. Not all rounds are available to you by standard, but this list can be expanded. Most visitors this will be enough, but if you need more — go to a specialized resource. There will be a list of winnings for all required rounds. The right side displays a window with the nicknames of the winners and the amount won, which is displayed in the currency of your choice. Often you will see amounts up to several million won by the live players

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Tracker

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Tracker is a modern tool that allows players to keep track of their win/lose in the app. With a feature like this, you can get detailed statistics on your successes, optimizing your tactics to get the most out of the slot. Sweet Bonanza Candyland Tracker keeps track of all of the user’s spins, including the number of bets, types of bonus rounds and the results of each bet. It will also help you understand how much you have won in total, the average size and the total number of rounds played. This information can then be used to analyze the player’s overall performance and determine all possible strategies to help increase the chances of success.

Casinos to play Sweet Bonanza candyland

The machine can be played at various online casinos, where you can find the Sweet Bonanza candyland Live dealer Games section. You should choose a proven institution with licenses and certificates from Curacao. Among such clubs you can choose between Vavada, Dragon Money, Izzi casino, Pin-Up, 1win, etc.

How to play Sweet Bonanza slot candyland

For a full immersion spin the drum in a specially built room professional host. The reel has certain sectors with prizes that will help you earn even more. Regardless of the randomness of the win, if you follow the rules you can greatly increase your chances of making money wheel game. You need to follow these tips:

  • Bet on segments with bonuses. It is worth betting on a certain segment on the wheel, breaking it up into several parts that you canon bonuses.
  • Evaluate your chances of winning. The game has a theoretical RTP parameter of 96%. This is not a fixed figure, but varies depending on your stakes per sector.
  • Don’t gamble online. You have to remember that your bankroll is limited depending on what your betting limits are. It is worth allocating a sufficient budget so that when you lose it will not hit your pocket.
  • Gamble responsibly. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose

This is something you should always keep in mind whenSweet Bonanza Candyland. If you understand how things work here, you can pick the right strategy to earn more bonuses and rewards.

Tactics and Strategy

If you were wondering if there is a single correct way to earn money from the game, you have to be disappointed. No one can make a 100% guarantee of a successful round, it just depends on your luck. We will present you with a few expert tactics worth applying in the right situation:

  • You should always wageron bonus entertainment for maximum winnings.
  • When playing with numbers, bets should be balanced to guarantee that the number can return an equal result.
  • Adjust your bet size depending on your current bankroll to play intelligently and avoid losses.

When it comes toSweet Bonanza Candyland, the most successful tactic is to wageron bonus opportunities. It is worth while is spun from the fact that such features give you the opportunity to win more money and have an exciting experience. In some cases, betting on the numbers «1», «2» and «5» may be safer, but they will not give more potential for big winnings as bonus features. In addition, keep in mind that a high level of volatility affects betting at a higher rate from the bankroll to maximize the chances of success. You should also use the Multiplier feature, which can increase your winnings by up to 500 times!

Sweet Bonanza candyland bonuses

Sweet Bonanza candyland bonus

The main chips of money-wheel luck are the extra bets that players of all levels enjoy. It’s worth taking a closer look at the bonus features and how they work:

  • Sugar Bomb bonus round. It will give extra X’s, which are much higher than on the remaining pictures of the playing field. If the wheel stops on the sugar bomb, the visitor will have an additional multiplier with a value from x2 to x10 on the next spin. There is no need to wager again, the drum will be spun one more time for free. The player can use the Sugar Bomb booster, than will increase his by 25%. To activate the Sugar Bomb, go to the right side of the playing field.
  • Candy Drop bonus round. This is a bonus attraction that when a Candy Drop bet is placed and the fruit wheel stops on it, it will trigger a mini-game. The player will have to choose one of the three candies, rolling through the maze. The entertainment provides four bonus round, and all rows have rondom multipliers added to the winnings when the candy itself is touched. You can win a maximum of x1000, and this is accrued when the candy hits the purple boxes.
  • Sweet Spins bonus round. This is an additional entertainment in which the action takes place on a separate table. Here, figurines fall, which determine the final result and the amount of money won. When the game is activated, visitors get 10 free spins, and the maximum earned random multiplier will be a fabulous x20000.
  • Bubble Surprise. This is a new feature that Pragmatic Play live casino game developers added to Sweet Bonanza in 2022. it is a parody of the original single reel machine. The size of the prize depends directly on where the reel is stopped. Falling multiplier values of x5, x10, x25 and a chance to trigger Candy Drop or Sweet Spins bonus games.

Pros and cons of Sweet Bonanza candyland slot

Game from Pragmatic Play have taken good care of players by creating a wide range of languages and a large range of betting limits. The game does not have an original concept, but it has won over most players with its extra features. The benefits of Sweet Bonanza Candyland plays are:

  • advantages with big X’s;
  • professional croupiers who run the game live;
  • many options for every budget, good minimum and maximum bets;
  • high RTP of nearly 97%;
  • the atmosphere of a live casino game show, classic casino;
  • online chat room to chat with other players
  • with a choice of multiple sectors to minimize losses.